Sunday, June 17, 2012

Why is Nader blamed for Bush's presidency?

Another Presidential election is headed our way, and anyone advocating for people to vote third-party over Obama is likely to hear something like the following:

What did voting for Nader in 2000 gain our nation? We got eight years of one of the worst presidents in history and rather than basking in the glow of progress and abundance our leaders are still occupying themselves with cleaning up the mess.

People have awfully selective memories. After all, it was the Democrats that

- overwhelmingly voted for the Iraq war

- overwhelmingly voted for the Patriot Act

- refused to rebuke the President for deceiving the public into supporting the war

- refused to so much as censure the President for blatantly breaking the law (illegally wiretapping)

During Bush's second term in office, the Democrats won control of both houses of Congress. One would assume that would have halted Bush's abuses, yet it was the Democratically controlled congress that:

- continued to fund the war through an abused process stuffed with pork-spending

- condemned (censured) for criticizing deceptive comments issued by General Petraeus

- refused to hold the President accountable for intentionally deceiving the public into supporting its war initiatives

- gave the Executive Branch de-facto authority to spy on any American citizen it wishes to spy on

If we're going to blame anyone other the Bush administration for the worst of his abuses, we should be blaming the Democrats. Why the Democrats voted the way they did is an interesting discussion in and of itself, and has much to do with why I'm so adament that people refrain from voting for Obama in the upcoming election. More on that to come.

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