Tuesday, January 08, 2008

War or Abortion - What's your issue?

Ron Paul is pro-life. While he is against a Federal ban on abortion, he wants to overturn Roe vs Wade and let each state decide whether or not it should be legal. I'm pro-choice and don't believe any state should have the right to outlaw the procedure. Yet I still support Dr. Paul. I do so for practical reasons as well as on principal.


Roe vs Wade isn't going to be overturned. The abortion issue is brought up during election season solely to polarize the electorate; to rally the parties' bases; to get them to vote against "the monsters" across the aisle. No one ever really expects change. For one thing, the Supreme Court is extremely hesitant to overturn prior decisions. Attempts to attack it through the legislative branch have fallen flat as well. If Bush couldn't eliminate it with his rubber-stamp congress and Supreme Court appointments, how could Paul?


Recently, our foreign policy caused:

- our economy to teeter on the brink of recession
- an increase in terrorism
- illegal wiretapping
- rendition
- the loss of habeas corpus
- the deaths of thousands of American soldiers
- life debilitating injuries of tens of thousands of American soldiers
- a spike in the suicide rate of soldiers
- the deaths of at least eighty thousand Iraqi civilians
- life debilitating injuries of uncounted hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians
- etc...

If the cost of seeing all of this come to an end is watching the only abortion clinic in Mississippi shut down... I'm ok with that.

The problem of abortion being outlawed in some red-states is much more tractable at the grassroots level than that of stopping the military-industrial complex. We can organize to help incest victims get an abortion outside their red-state, but no amount of money we raise will ever allow us to resurrect "collateral damage". The foreign policy issue dwarfs the abortion issue in importance and, as such, he has my vote.