Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MoveOn vs the Progressives?

I just received this e-mail from MoveOn:

I wonder if they are going to target Dennis Kucinich...

Dear MoveOn member,
We won a big victory on health care on Saturday when the House of Representatives passed a bill that includes a public health insurance option.

But dozens of conservative Democrats sided with Big Insurance to vote against it.

We've got to show that voters will make them pay a political price for standing in the way of health care reform—and send a message to any Democrats in the Senate who are considering doing the same.

So we're rushing to launch a major new TV ad campaign in the home districts of the Democrats who voted against the bill—spending more than ever before on ads to hold Democrats accountable.

We've got to start airing these ads before the Senate takes up health care, and that means we need [donations] today. Can you chip in $200?

This is a defining moment for the Obama era, because fence-sitting Democrats in Congress are watching carefully to see what happens to those who oppose real change.
If they see that there are no negative consequences for those who voted "no" in the House, it'll become much harder to win a final victory on health care—or on any of the other issues we care so much about.

So we've got to act quickly and forcefully to demonstrate that any politician who sides with corporate special interests will suffer for it back home.

And the best way to do that is to go up on the air immediately with this new ad campaign targeting House Democrats who voted against the health care bill. Can you chip in $200?

The bill that passed in the House was far from perfect, and we'll keep fighting together to fix it.

But after fighting for decades, we're finally on the path to winning meaningful health care reform. And those in Washington who are standing with Big Insurance to oppose it have to be held accountable.

Thanks for all you do.

–Nita, Kat, Ilyse, Peter, and the rest of the team

I wonder, 'cause Kucinich voted no:

Why I Voted NO
by Dennis Kucinich