Wednesday, December 26, 2007

VOTE (correctly) OR DIE!!!

Alonzo doesn't vote.
He had better watch out. Diddy's about.
"Vote or Die!" Diddy cries,
"Vote, or you'll be seein' my .45!"

So Alonzo reads,
and he inquires.
The boy's inspired!
He runs off! Votes Green!

Diddy CAPS his ass....

...shrugs Diddy, "He wasted his vote."


Why do you bother voting? Because an election is supposed to reflect the will of the people?

Why do you vote, when your one vote won't swing an election? Is it because you've realized the aggregate of votes that do swing elections is the sum of hundreds, thousands or millions of individual decisions to cast one vote?

Too often, I've heard someone express support for Ron Paul's platform declare, "but he has no chance". I like to respond, "If so, that's your fault". For the sake of maintaining electability, the front runners in both parties stood idly by as our civil liberties were eviscerated, hell was unleashed Iraq, and our economy slipped closer and closer to recession. Why reinforce this notion of electability? If your vote reflects your will, why vote for someone who's betrayed your principals over someone who's resolutely defended them? Why not join the aggregate of individual voters that demand principled politics? Voting for "the lesser of two evils" does not improve matters, it simply slows down the rate at which they get worse.

Ron Paul's supporters understand this. Dr. Paul has gone from being an obscure congressman from Texas to raising more money in one day than anyone else has in the history of American politics. Literally thousands of people have traveled across the country to attend his rallies, and his support base springs from all over the political spectrum. They're voting on principal, they're voting for real change. And in a couple months, they may well have redefined what it means to be "electable".

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