Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ron Paul raises more than $5 million in third quarter

Ron Paul has raised $5,080,000 dollars this quarter, which is already earning him a LOT of media attention. Highlights:

From Reason Magazine:

So he's raised about $8.2 million and spent $2.9 million, a burn rate of around 35 percent. That's a little lower than the burn rate for the frontrunning candidates

From the NY Times' The Caucus:

On Tuesday, The Hotline, a political newsletter, speculated, “If Paul outraises Huckabee, won’t we need a new evaluation of ‘dark horse?’ ”

With Mike Huckabee expected to report receipts of about $1 million, Mr. Benton thinks a re-evaluation is in order.

In terms of money in the bank, Mr. Benton said, “we are going to be amongst the very top. I would argue that we’ve stepped into the first tier.”

From Reuters:

Democratic candidates generally have been raising more than their Republican counterparts, but Paul's performance puts him in the same financial territory as two prominent Democrats -- the $5.2 million raised by New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and $7 million raised by former Sen. John Edwards.

And check out this amusing bit in Lew Rockwell's blog.


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