Thursday, September 20, 2007

Democrats are useless

Back in 2006, after details of Bush's illegal wiretapping program were leaked, there wasn't any hope of stopping the President from playing dictator. The Republicans controlled Congress and had no problem watching Bush hack away at our rights. Nevertheless, Russ Feingold (one of the only Democrats with backbone) decided to at least attempt to hold the President accountable. He introduced a resolution to censure the President for authorizing the program (i.e. a formal declaration that the Senate disapproves of the President's actions). His fellow Democrats immediately shied away from the resolution, decrying it a waste of time.

Flashforward to today. The Democrats now control Congress, voted into power by a country tired of the war and sick of being lied to. So what have they delivered to their constituents after nearly a year in power? A measure condemning (censuring) for an ad that exposes the latest lies about the war. Instead of getting us out of Iraq and putting an end to the false propaganda, they've decided to spend their time tacitly endorse both. Pathetic.

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