Sunday, October 29, 2006

Perfidious Bipartisanship

Here's a letter I sent to the Hartford Courant (slightly modified for this post):

Lieberman's supporters laud him for being one of the few truly bipartisan politicians in our government. Just what does mean for Lieberman to be "bipartisan"? It means not denouncing Bush for deliberately deceiving the public into supporting the war. (Perhaps he feels it was justified?) It means devitalizing checks against excessive public surveillance (spying) through the Patriot Act. It means refusing to censure Bush over a wiretapping scheme he acknowledged to be illegal.(Apparently the President cannot be held accountable for his actions during the indefinitely long "war on terror".) And recently, his "bipartisanship" meant voting for the Military Commissions Act of 2006. This act technically gives the President the right to suspend anybody's right to habeas corpus. (Yes, U.S. citizens are at risk of being imprisoned without due process).

Is this what we must put up with in order to "get things done for Connecticut"? I, for one, refuse to vote for anyone who ignores corruption, discourages dissent, and is willing to sacrifice my civil liberties in order to get tax dollars into Connecticut. Shame on anyone who is.

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Snookered&Bookish said...

I got into a fight with an old man at the Hartford polling station who told me that I was too young to be throwing away my future by voting for Lamont. After I stated my case which involved Lieberman's blind support of the Israeli government, continued support for the Iraq war and the Bush administration and insistence upon continuing the trade and travel embargo with Cuba he stammered but what about the submarine base? Lieberman worked to reopen it! Right old man, great. What politician didn;t take credit for that "victory." Besides which, as far as I am concerned, that is a drop in the bucket compared to the murderous, xenophobic and wasteful policies he does support. Welp, thanks a lot Connecticut way to put a Republican back in the governor's seat and for all intents and purposes in our Senate seat as well.